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Purton Parish Council are proud to announce it has been approved and awarded the Local Councils Award Scheme -Foundation for its procedural practices. The panel found the application to be impressive and felt it showed the Parish Council to be well organised and an excellent communicator in the community. The panel noted the ‘Have your say’ section of the website which shows that the Parish Council encourages two-way communication. As well as the up to date, vibrant Facebook and Twitter feeds and monthly newsletter packed with information. The extensive training record was also cited along with the thorough risk assessment scheme. The panel also mentioned the positive impacts of the Dementia Friendly Community work as well as the Neighbourhood Plan being approved at Referendum.



Wiltshire Council are undertaking a collaborative piece of work that we are seeking assistance with. Approximately 4 years ago, Wiltshire Council collected data related to open space provision in your area and your input was invaluable. However, it is really important that the records the Council has are brought up to date so that they can accurately inform two significant emerging strategies.

The data collected will be used to understand the current provision of existing open space within the county and will form part of the evidence base necessary to underpin a new Green Infrastructure Strategy and an Open Space Strategy.

You can have your say by returning the filled out survey via email to SpatialPlanningPolicy@wiltshire.gov.uk before 31st of March 2020, or by sending a hard copy to your parish Clerk before the deadline specified by them.

If you wish to read around the subject Natural England’s Green Infrastructure’s Guidance page has a downloadable PDF which describes Green Infrastructure. If you wish to see further information regarding Wiltshire Council’s current policies in the Wiltshire Core Strategy please go to our Planning Policy Core Strategy webpage. 

We hope you understand the important role that open space and green infrastructure plays in the community and the benefits thereof of completing and returning the survey.

If you have any questions, please contact your parish clerk or by using the contact details below.  Click here to down load the form. 


Spatial Planning

Economic Development and Planning

Tel: 01225 713223
Email: SpatialPlanning.Policy@wiltshire.gov.uk    
Web: www.wiltshire.gov.uk



Each month Purton Parish Council will be responding to a question raised by a member of the public on matters affecting residents of Purton.  The first topic in January will be traffic.
The information will be posted here on our website, Facebook, twitter and NextDoor, however anyone can contact the offices with a question and we will post publically.

Click here to email a question to the Clerk

To see the answers to previous question below Click the link.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT from Chairman Ray Thomas.

Question Nine - October 2019 - How do I become a Parish Councillor ?
There are 15 seats in Purton.  When a vacancy arises the post will be advertised for 14 clear days by Wiltshire Council and if no one registers their interest in this period we have the opportunity to co-opt the post through internal means. There are two main lawful requirements.  You must be 18 years or over in age and have lived in the Parish for a minimum of one year.   You will be required to complete a form to register your interest.  These forms will be given to full Council for consideration and a suitable date arranged to meet (forms are available from our offices or on our website).
Once the meeting has taken place the Council will at the next available full council meeting vote on your co-option.  The majority vote will be taken and the Council do not have to accept you as a Councillor if they feel your application does not meet the needs of the Council and community.   No reasons are required as to why an application is not successful.
What does a Councillor do ?
Parish Councillors are volunteers who wish to make change and enhance the lives of all those living within the community using the powers that are available to them.  Regular meetings are held where business is discussed and voted on.  Items can be brought to the table by all Councillors in advance of the meetings, not on the day of the meeting.  The Parish Council has limited powers to act, however they have the ability to work with outside bodies to achieve change where feasible.
How long is the term of office ?
An election is held every 4 years and each Councillor co-opted or elected must put an application in for the post of Councillor independently.  If the spaces are uncontested (15) then it is automatic acceptance and enrolment.  However, if there are more applications than vacancies, an election will be held and the candidate will be required to canvas for votes.  A Councillor can leave office at any given time provided they give written notice to the Chairman of Council.
How many meetings are there ?
Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month.  Sub committees are held on another Monday in the month and although any Councillor can attend, they cannot vote unless they are allocated to that committee.  You can, as a Councillor chose which committees you wish to join, apart from the Staff Sub committee which has strict guidelines on attendance due to the nature of the sensitive information discussed.
The Parish Council is also sole trustee to three charities.  As a Parish Councillor you are automatically enrolled as trustee to all three.
What are the benefits of being a Councillor ?
An opportunity to make change within the community you live and be involved in future planning and development in the Parish, whilst continually working towards the enhancement of lives and services.

Please always speak to the Clerk of the Council, Deborah Lawrence with any queries, as there maybe options available.  deborah.lawrence@purtonparishcouncil.gov.uk or call on 01793 771


Question Eight -  September 2019

Vice Chair of Council Neil Hooper was asked - What are the Burial Options in Purton 

Question Seven - JULY 2019

Chairman of Council Ray Thomas What Powers do the Council have to carry out their duties?
Click Here for a list of a few main “acts and powers” that allows the council to perform its duties.

Question Six - June 2019

Councillor Kevin Law was asked whose responsible for the Flower Planters, Trees & Benches?

Question Five - May 2019

 Vice Chair of Council Neil Hooper was asked -  Who is responsible for highways and footpaths? 

Question Four - April 2019

Chairman of Council Ray Thomas was asked - Dog Mess? What is Purton Parish Council able to do to help?

Question Three - March 2019

Chairman of Council Ray Thomas was asked - Why are you paying for a professional review of the Village Hall ? 

Question Two - February 2019

Neil Hooper - Chairman of Burials was asked "Why can’t my uncle be buried in Purton Cemetery – he used to live here and loved Purton"

Question One - January 2019

Chairman of Council Ray Thomas was asked "what road/safety improvements are planned for Purton in 2019/20"



As part of the Action Plan above, we have produced a map showing safe parking routes for both schools as below. CLICK HERE

If you drive your child/care responsiblilty to school please take the time to complete the survey in order to give vital information to the relevant bodies on what could be acheived to make change.Please CLICK HERE


Purton Parish Council and St Marys Church were awarded a "Care of Churches Award 2018" for joint working and engagement on a tree project within the Churchyard from the Diocese of Bristol. 



Purton CSW currently has 6 trained active members (more always welcome), who regularly can be seen at 4 fixed locations within the village (Restrop Road, the FOX, BT depot on Station road and Clardon road) with a 5th site on Chuch road in the works currently.
As more vehicles use Purton as a throughfair, we are seeing an increased number of cars, on average 600+ per hour at more peak times. We do see a decrease in the percentag of speeders after we have been recording data..typically 6-10% are travelling at 20% more than the speedlimit.
Accidents involving Cars are on the increase through the village and so dilligence is the key. Driving at the speed limit, or below will add little time to your journey home - but it may save a life. Possibly even someone you care about...

For more information contact our lead Councillor Paul Grigg or the Clerk Deborah Lawrence deborah.lawrence@purtonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Did you know Purton Parish Council has a facebook page which is updated regularly with items around the village, matter that affect the village and events that are being held?
If you are a group, business or resident and wish to keep us updated, please check out our facebook page.  Click here

Purton has 161 footpaths that link the Parish through fields, bridleways and amazing views.  The team of volunteers, all fromt he area work tirelessly to keep them accessible.
If you would like to help by reporting issues to the Parish Council please do so, if you would like a map of where to walk safely without intruding on landowners properties, please pop into the Parish Council Offices.
If you like to supprot tyhis inviitaitive by sponsoring a kissing gate then please let us know.  "Communities that work together stay together."

The Parish Plan has now been finalised and approved, through consutlation and assessment with residents and a working party within the Village.
To view the document 
click here. There are a few hard copies available in the Parish Council Office if you require one.
We realise that it is a long document but there are a lot of interesting sections.History and Parish profile are general background information on the Parish. Housing and Development are particularly important for the future of both the village and the Parish.
"An excellent partnership of working together as a community"

Community Paddock Page - Click Here