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PROPOSED NEW CEMETERY GROUND update 4th February 2019

The land formally known as Long Ground has been recently tested as part of the proposal to use this land as a new burial ground. The works included pit excavation and monitoring of water levels. The works are complete and no further disruption to the footpath 81 are envisaged. 

PURTON CEMETERY  Updated 7th March 2018

Purton Parish Council has carried out memorial testing in the Cemetery during January 2018.

We have contacted the owners of the graves where details are on file, but sadly several are missing. A notice has been attached to any headstone that requires attention. No headstone is in danger of collapse or falling.  If you are aware of the ownership or could help us locate the families please contact our offices on  01793 771066 or email
Thank you for your continued support and co-operation. 


At the recent Burials Committee Meeting held on Monday 6th March 2017, it was proposed and agreed to adopt the following Cemetery Regulations.
These Regulations allow the Council to continue to maintain the Cemetery to the current high standard. Any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk of Council, Deborah Lawrence. 
To access these Regulations. Click He

The Parish Council would like to draw your attention to its policy for burials in Purton Cemetery: The burial of persons who have been resident outside the Parish at the time of death will only be allowed in the following circumstances:  when persons had moved away from the village for reasons of ill-health and in order for them to receive care, or where it is intended that the person be buried in the space remaining in an existing plot. Burials Fees effective from May 2019 Click Here.

Due to Health and Safety issues relating to unstable head stones it will be necessary to lay them down if they are considered dangerous and either relatives can not be traced or do not want to pay for them to be reinstated. This will be an on going process as the memorials are regularly checked. If you wish further information please contact the Parish Council Office.

The head stones are checked regularly inline with memorial regulations to ensure they are safe, if they are found to be loose then every effort will be made to trace the family and also a note put on the headstone informing the grave tender that the stone needs attention. The cost of any remedial work should be born by the family of the deceased, if families can not be contacted then, if deemed necessary for safety reasons, temporary supports will be placed around the head stone.


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