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15th August 2019
This week Tuesday's team cleared the stiles on PURT35 and PURT32 by Down Farm and then cleared a very overgrown section of  PURT31B 
The team then headed to work on the tree growth and nettles on PURT96.  

7th August 2019
The work that has been carried out this week by the Team involved clearing part of PURT50 behind Vasterne Close, part of PURT117 that runs from Battle Lake Farm and we cleared the bridge on PURT40 near Lower Pavenhill Farm and eased stile access at the top of PURT41 where the nettles were taking over.


Monday's team repaired a stile on Footpath 117 Lower Pavenhill.

Tuesday's team cleared FP115 and a number of stiles at the top of Pavenhill.

Tuesday's team cleared the footpath to the kissing gate on Footpath 48 Witts Lane. 16th July 2019 

The work carried out by Tuesday's team was to clear PURT139 the path from the top of Waitemeads Close to PURT54 following the report that there were nettles and it was overgrown. They also thinned out the growth on the side of PURT54 towards the stream from the junction where it meets PURT139. 
The Team also cleared PURT 137 and PURT53 from Witts Lane to Glevum Close. Updated 3-7-19




This week the Teams replaced a stile on FP36 Lower Pavenhill and removed nettles from PURT96, Battlewell to Dogridge, following a request from a resident.
Also work was carried out to clear stiles from the Telephone Exchange on PURT64 up to Folly Down and back via PURT35 through the wood where the Team cleared a number of fallen trees. Nettles were also cut back where they were obscuring signage.
Waymarkers were added to FP34 from Upper Pavenhill where the official line of the footpath was unclear. 
The Team added s
teps to a stile on FP41 and repaired a stile on FP40 Upper Pavenhill.


This week the Team replaced the stile and added a handrail at the junction of FP's 129 and 43 off the bottom of Hoggs Lane.



UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM MAY 2019  Updated 22nd May 2019

Monday's Team installed steps into the new wooden fence across FP104 near Greenhill, The steps are already in place at the other end of the footpath where the new fence crosses. Both sets of steps are parallel to the fence as there are horses in the field, a design suggested by Wiltshire Council's Rights of Way Officer as being appropriate in these circumstances. Both ends were also waymaked and highlighted with yellow spray paint.

Tuesday's Team cleared nettles and brambles from Mud Lane, PURT104 and checked the bottom of the valley was not overgrown. A fallen tree was also removed from PURT103 through Brockhurst Wood.
The footpath opposite Smiths Court PURT70 was cleared. Work will start soon to clear the footpaths at Watkins Corner.


This week the Team cleared FP110 and removed a fallen tree form FP 115. Updated 15th May 2019




UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM APRIL 2019  Updated 18th April 2019

Monday's Team installed 2 new bridges on FP118 at Lower Pavenhill


Purton Historical Society have received grant funding to purchase an Information Board which has been installed at Battlewell. The information board has a map showing the footpaths around Ringsbury Camp and Brockhurst Wood, also included is history of the Iron Age Hill Fort and wildlife that inhabits the area.


Pleased be advised that some landowners are placing locks and chains around the gated footpath entrances, which give the impression that the pathway is not accessible. Please do not be deterred. Un-clip the chain and replace the padlock as you find it and continue to walk the route.
"Keep our footpaths open and accessible"


To see a list of work that is to be carried out by our Footpath Teams Click Here
Click Here to see a list of work that is to be actioned by Wiltshire Council and unavailable Footpaths & Bridleways. 
To see a list of completed work on Footpaths in the Parish of Purton during 2016 Click Here
Click Here to see a list of completed work on Footpaths in the Parish of Purton during 2017.
To see a list of completed work on Footpaths in the Parish of Purton during 2018 Click Here.
Click Here to see a list of completed work on Footpaths in the Parish of Purton during 2019.


MAPS & LEAFLETS  Updated 11th October 2018
The Parish Council office has maps for sale of all the footpaths in Purton Parish. 
A colour A0 size map is £13.00, A1 size map is £6.00, A2 size is £3.00 and A3 size is £1.50. We also have some footpath booklets for sale of suggested routes to walk with varying distances around the parish at a cost of £1.50 each.
A new style route map is available from the Council offices -  Walk 4, Ringsbury Camp & Greenhill distance is 5.3 miles.'Walk 5, Canals and Railways', the distance is a little over 5 miles. Walk 7, Two Churches, distance 3.3 miles. Walk 15, The Battle Walk distance 3.9 miles. These Walk Leaflets are 50p each. 
Click Here to print off Walk 4 - Ringsbury Camp and Greenhill.
Click Here to print off Walk 5 - Canals and Railways.
Click Here to print off Walk 7 - Two Churches.
Click Here to print off Walk 15 - The Battle Walk

.  Respect other people
. Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
. Leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available
Protect the natural environment
. Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
. Keep dogs under effective control
Enjoy the outdoors
. Plan ahead and be prepared
. Follow advice and local signs

RIGHT TO ROAM Updated 8th October 2018

POLITE NOTICE TO WALKERS We have been requested by local land owners to ask all those utilising the public footpaths across their land, to stick to the pathways please. Roaming dogs, dogs mess and worrying of livestock and damaged crops is not acceptable. The designated footpaths do not permit you to roam freely across the fields and areas with your dogs. There have been a number of incidents where landowners have had their property damaged such as signs being removed and fencing being vandalised, these incidents have been reported to the Police. For further information about rules in the country side please see the Dos and Don'ts of Public Rights of Way on the Footpath page on our website. 

UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM NOVEMBER 2018   Updated 15th November 2018

Mondays Team repaired a stile on FP20 off Mopes Lane, steps were also repaired on FP129 and FP23.
Tuesday's Team cleared overgrowth from stiles and checked access on FP30, 29 & 28B.

 Stile repaired on FP20 off Mopes Lane.


Repaired handrail to sleeper bridge on FP46A, behind Jewels Ash.

Removed the stile on FP46A Vasterne Close to Jewels Ash as part of our stilefree footpath network.

Installed a new stile on FP43, Henleys Corner.

Installed a new stile on FP44, bottom of Witts End by railway crossing.

UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM OCTOBER 2018  Updated 1st November 2018

On Monday 29th The Footpath Team replaced a stile at the bottom of The Stank, ,Footpath 40.


On Monday 22nd The Footpath Team installed a Kissing Gate on Footpath 47 Vasterne Hill, This gate was sponsored by a resident.

This week Monday's Team reinstated the sleeper bridge and handrail at Packhorse Corner.
Tuesday's Team cleared access to the gateway on Bentham Lane that is the start of FP16. Updated 18th October 2018.

UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM SEPTEMBER 2018  Updated 12th September 2018

On Tuesday's the Team cleared a way through the second field of FP118 and then went on to cut a way through Braydon FP5 near the road. Before and After photo's

FOOTPATH UPDATE   Updated 11th September 2018

The last two weeks the Footpath Team have been trimming back the stiles on the more remote western part of our parish including Bradon parish. For anyone who has a copy of the map with our footpaths on the following comments apply -
Purton FP122 is open.
Purton FP126, a section is very badly overgrown, we have given clearing this low priority as access onto the main Ashton Keynes road at the bridge is quite dangerous.
Purton FP127 is open.
Purton FP's 123 and 133 are not open, these are waiting on Wiltshire Council to resolve.
Bradon FP1 is open.
Bradon FP2 needs a bridge over a ditch, a new stile and needs waymarking, the correct route is not easy to follow. This footpath has a difficult section from the main road.
Bradon FP3 is not open, this is waiting on Wiltshire Council to resolve.
Bradon FP5 is open. We will be strimming the access from the Minety road across the wide verge a bit later.


ANNUAL VILLAGE WALK  Updated 6th September 2018

Last year the rain put a bit of a dampener on this walk but on Sunday September 2nd it was dry and not too hot and twenty walkers gathered for this 4 mile walk around our village.

The walk this year, organised by the Footpath Team, a member of the Team had a project in mind a while ago to develop a stile free circular walk around the village particularly for those less able walkers who find our stiles a bit challenging, and this summer his project was completed. We are very lucky to have parishioners sponsor kissing gates to replace stiles, often in memory of a loved one, and this enabled the project to get past the finishing post. The complete circular walk is 5 - 6 miles but today we covered a part of it starting with the fine views from Francomes Hill on to Widham, Collins Lane, The Fox, cricket ground to the Pear Tree at Manor Hill.  There are a number of stile free feeder paths enabling access to the main circuit, today we used one from the top of Hoggs Lane to start and from Church End to St Mary's School to finish. 

Many thanks to all those who came on the walk this year, we hope you found it interesting and enjoyable.  

A map of the 4 mile stile free walk is available for 50p from the Parish Council office.


UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - AUGUST 2018    Updated 3rd September 2018

On 28th August  Tuesdays team cleared a number of fallen trees on the path around Brockhurst Wood PURT103.


Monday's Footpath Team repaired the rambling gate on FP54 just off the High Street.


Tuesday's team cleared part of FP37 where there is now an electric fence, with detachable breaks, and then went to FP111 which was badly overgrown again.


UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - JULY 2018    Updated 25th July 2018

This week Monday's team replaced the stile on FP46A near College Farm, they also trimmed the stiles on FP107
On Tuesday the team cleared FP96 Dogridge and FP115 Upper Pavenhill. 


The Monday team installed a sponsored kissing gate on footpath 47 off Vasterne Hill replacing a stile. Updated 17th July 2018.

Tuesday's Team, cleared a way through to the plantation on FP35 and then assessed some of the work that needs doing in the Pavenhill, Dogridge and Upper Pavenhill areas which will begin next week.


UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - JULY 2018    Updated 10th July 2018

On Monday the Team did some work clearing footpaths on FP111 which is was very overgrown.
On Tuesday they cleared a number of stiles on FP 64, 31A & 31B in the region of Folly Down.

UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - JULY 2018    Updated 3rd July 2018

 The Team were busy this week clearing stiles on Footpath 72, 67, 65, 64

UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - JUNE 2018  Updated 26th June 2018

This week the Team cleared part of Footpath 48 and added marker by the side of the road.

UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - JUNE 2018  Updated 19th June 2018

This week the Team installed a sponsored Kissing Gate on FP47 off of Witts Lane.


On Monday 11th June the Footpath Team completed the installation of a sponsored Kissing gate on FP56 at Widham. 



UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - MAY 2018  Updated 16th May 2018

On Monday 14th May the Team cleared the mud from the Church End of the Short Hedge footpath and added road planings to improve the difficult slope and the surface in general.
Many thanks to Stephen Leonard of Wilts County for supplying the road planings to site.


Tuesday's Team went up to Red Lodge Plantation and removed a number of dead and fallen trees that crossed the path through the woods PURT148.

Below are before and after pictures of the work carried out at Red Lodge Plantation.

UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - APRIL 2018  Updated 1st May 2018

On Monday 30th April The Footpath Team replaced a stile with a Kissing Gate on Footpath 80 at The Dingle.

Monday 16th The Footpath Team installed a kissing gate at the end of FP79 at The Fox replacing a stile. This now completes our project to develop a stile free circular walk around the village which will be the subject of a future new walk leaflet. 

Monday 9th April - The Footpath Team installed Kissing Gates at either end of Footpath 46A Vasterne Hill.


UPDATE FROM THE FOOTPATH TEAM - MARCH 2018  Updated 14th March 2018

Tuesday 13th the Team cleared a way through for bridleway FP148 near Davenport Bridge.


Monday 19th the Team carried out improvements to FP81 where it goes through the wooded area to the cricket ground. This section has problems with running water from nearby springs making the footpath very muddy. The Team dug a channel which will hopefully divert the water off of the footpath. Scalpings were also laid to reduce the muddy area around the kissing gate.
Monday 12th, the Team  improved a muddy stile with hardcore and scalpings, a new handrail was installed on the bridge on FP46A . The Team also removed a fallen branch over a stile on FP82, Stone Lane area, and replaced rails on the stile which had been eaten by horses.
On Monday 5th the Team fixed waymarkers to both ends of the new fence on FP161 and to the numerous stiles in the field off Vasterne Hill all as requested at the recent Informal Footpath Meeting.


On Monday 22nd the Team completed the installation of a pedestrian gate on FP79 replacing a stile. A hand rail was also installed over the little stream and the uneven footpath was improved at this point.
Other work undertaken has been a review of jobs the Team were asking Wiltshire Council to support them with. Dealing with locked gates, missing signs, blocked and inaccessible paths.



On Monday the Team completed the installation of another kissing gate on FP79, the cricket ground to The Fox, two down, two to go to make this footpath stile free.


Updated 28th November 2017

This week Monday's team filled in muddy puddles with hardcore and Tuesday's team finished off cutting back the hedges and removed a large bag of litter from FP84.

Updated 22nd November 2017

Monday's Team completed the installation of a new kissing gate on FP 87, the Team added waymarkers on FP's 88, 89, 90, 91, 92 and 94 to clarify the correct line of these footpaths.

Tuesday's Team have been busy widening FP 84 by the side of Bradon Forest School field, next week the Team will lay scalpings on the muddy sections of this pathway.

 Updated 15th November 2017

This Monday the Team removed a stile on FP87 and installed a wooden kissing gate in its place, they didn't quite finish the installation and will be completing it next Monday, the kissing gate is fully usable though.
This footpath leads from Reids Piece around Bradon Forest playing field and connects to FP88 and is now a stile free footpath.
FP88 is part of the stile free circular walk we are developing around the village and FP87 is the only feeder footpath onto it from the Reid's Piece estate."

Updated 9th November 2017

This week the Team removed two redundant wooden kissing gates from FP88 and 89 at the landowners suggestion. They will be using one of them to replace a stile on FP87 which is a feeder footpath to the stile free walk around the village that they are developing.
The Team will be installing marker posts on FP's 88, 89, 90, 91 and 92 to clarify the route of these footpaths.

Updated 2nd November 2017 

The Footpath Team had a busy start to November by taking out a stile at the end of FP79 at the track to the cricket ground. The stile was replaced with a wooden kissing gate which was sponsored in the memory of Mr and Mrs Berry. This footpath, which starts at the corner of The Fox, forms a section of a circular walk around the Parish which the Footpath Team are developing as a stile free walk. There are three other stiles on this section which will be changed over time.


On Tuesday the Team cleared the starts to a couple of paths of nettles and removed a lot of litter at Watkins Corner. They then went to Newths Lane where they found even more litter and fly tipping.  This was beyond their capability to sort out, the County Council have been notified to clear the fly tipping. The Team also cleared weeds and nettles again which were obstructing one of the paths. Then, on to the land behind the pub at Purton Stoke where more stiles were cleared.   



The work on Footpath 84 has now been completed, this work was funded between Purton Parish Council and Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board.


Footpath 161 - High Hills/Francome Hill

A request was made to the Council via the Informal Rights of way meeting to determine if the OS Mapping Route as determined by the Definitive Map could be changed to represent the "trodden route".
If the landowners agrees and wishes to pay for the proposed change (approximately £1900) then Wiltshire Council will consider and process any application through the appropriate channels.
This process does not guarantee a change.
Purton Parish Council do not wish to pursue this and therefore will not be undertaking any further consultation in this matter.
Any comments or concerns please contact the Clerk direct on 01793 771066 or email

DIVERSION ORDER   Updated 13th July 2017

The Wiltshire Council Parish of Purton Path No. 31B  Diversion Order and Definitive Map and Statement Modifcation Order 2017.
From its route across the yard at Folly Down Farm, Purton (Width 0.6 metre approx length 158 metres) to a route leading South and West of it (Width 2 metres approx length 185 metres) with a gate to BS5709:2006 at SU1014 8936.
Wiltshire Council has confirmed the above Order which will come into effect when the new right of way has been certified as acceptable by Wiltshire Council.

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that the bridleway/footpath number 103 through Brockhurst Wood has been cleared, signed and is available for use. This had previously been difficult to use because of fallen branches and overgrowth and the actual route was unclear. The surface is still uneven at the lower end and can be wet and muddy. Maps indicate that the route is around the edge of the wood but with GPS tracking it has been found to be actually a little way in from the edge indicating that the wood has spread outwards over the years. Thanks go to our Footpath Teams for their time dealing with this path which needed the involvement of Natural England. They are responsible for this area which is SSSI rated and meant that their approval was needed before any work could be done. Thanks also to Stephen Leonard and his team from Wiltshire Council who cleared the fallen branches and to the Footpath Team who cleared the overgrowth.

Purton Parish has 146 Footpaths and 21 Bridleways, totalling 46 miles (73.6 Kilometres).  We have available for sale in the Parish Council Office footpath maps and booklets with maps of suggested walks. The Parish Council hold 2 Informal Rights of Way meetings a year where interested parties are invited to attend.  If you would like to know when the Rights of Way and Open Spaces and Informal Rights of Way meetings are to take place go to the Council page on this website, the dates of the meetings will be shown on the Meeting Diary 2017 tab.

The volunteer stile repair gang meet every Monday and Tuesday morning weather permitting, during the warmer months.  If you are interested in joining this group please contact the Parish Council Office on 771066 or email The Ramblers Association have 3 of their members who also report and carry out work on our footpaths.  We also have 4 other people who help in clearing footpaths from time to time.
The Probation Service periodically carry out litter picks and trim back overgrowth on specified paths within Purton.

A map showing all the Public Rights of Way in the Parish of Purton is now available for you to look at in Purton Library.

For more information about maintenance on Rights of Way, what is Wiltshire Council is responsible for and what are Landowners/Occupiers responsible for click here.

Click here to see the updated definitive statements of the relevant Public Rights of Way.  To view the map follow this link

We currently have 18 people who have adopted a footpath/s and they regularly walk these routes and report back to the Parish Council of any problems.  If you are interested in adopting a footpath please contact the Parish Council Office on 771066 or email

While you are out walking and you see any problems with the paths, stiles or kissing gates then please download the report form here and either send back by email or post.  It is always a good idea if you go out for a walk to take some secateurs with you, so that you can trim back any brambles that have overgrown onto a path, stile or kissing gate.


Wiltshire Council Right of Way team have now installed a causeway over a very wet bit of ground on FP107 and FP112. 
It has been reported to stay away from footpath 107 which starts from the corner on Hoggs Lane that leads to Vasterne Hill, across the fields to the back of Hooks Hill.  This area is very boggy and  you may loose your boots and get stuck.  
Wiltshire Council has started the work on clearing Mud Lane, to enable walkers and horse riders to use it again.  
A survey has been carried out by Wiltshire Council on all the Rights of Way in Purton Parish in conjunction with Purton Parish Council and the Ramblers Association.  This survey has identified problems and work to be carried out.  A meeting has been arranged at the end of March to discuss the problems and work to be carried out with Wiltshire Council.
Here is a link to the updated definitive statements of the relevant Public Rights of Way.

You might be interested in walking the Parish boundary and locating the boundary stones, click here to view a map of the locations. To see photographs of the Boundary Stones Click Here


The Footpath Team is a group of volunteers who are responsible for maintaining the footpath in the Parish of Purton, this includes keeping the pathways clear,mending stiles and kissing gates and checking footpaths and Bridleways have clear signage. 
Along side our Footpath Team we have a Ramblers Group who also help to maintain footpaths within the Parish of Purton.
If you are interested in joining The Gates and Stile Gang or to report any problems with Footpaths in the Parish contact Lesley Miles on 01793 772646 or email

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