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Held at Purton Village Hall on Monday 15th October 2018

Joint Working Group :
St Marys School, Bradon Forest School, Peardrop Preschool, Purton Parish Council, residents of the Peak, Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Police and Greensquare
A huge thank you to the parents/carers who have changed their parking to the safer designated spaces to take the children into school.  We have seen a significant increase in the usage of these areas and this shows great commitment from those who wish to keep not only theirs but all children safe. Thank you.
The schools have given their full support and communicated to all asking consideration to be given to making the area safer and using the alternative parking spaces.   This will be an ongoing action to encourage all drivers to consider the safety of those accessing the schools.
It was agreed to work together during the National Road Safety week commence on Monday 19th November carrying out high viz presence checks at the school entrance.  Children will be also be given clear road safety guidance on how to stay safe when entering and leaving the schools which will also include how they travel to and from school.
The joint working group will continue to work on innovative ways to educate those who do not understand why their actions are risking the safety of others, via video, photographs and their child’s perception.
The working party will also be working with Greensquare looking at options for ceasing parking on the pavements and grassed verges along the Peak and associated areas.
The Parish Council is progressing through the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) a request to look at installing a crossing on Church Street to aid the transition from one of the preferred safe parking places to the footpath that leads to the schools.
Please consider your actions as parents/carers when taking children to school.  Keep our children safe.




Purton Parish Council/Wiltshire Council/Wiltshire Police/St Marys School/Bradon Forest School/Residents
An “invite” only meeting was held on Monday 16th July 2018 with a defined group of people as detailed above to work on issues relating to the safety and traffic at both schools around the College Road/Reids Piece and The Peak areas.
The meeting was well attended and received by all and although no definitive single answer resolution was found the following items were agreed to be carried out and addressed as the first phase of joint working.

A map, produced by the Parish Council, highlighting safe, easy access parking for those who have to drive their children to school to be produced with footpaths and clear instructions – given to all parents/carers via the schools as part of their welcome packs and newsletters
The residents to continue their petition to go to Wiltshire Council to ensure that when the ANPR devices are sourced the Peak and associated areas in Purton are considered
The Police will aid with the sourcing of yellow “POLICE NO PARKING” cones for use along the Peak at core times
A questionnaire/survey to be placed on the Parish Council website asking why parents drive and not use the allocated safe parking spaces and any other associated valuable statistical information we can gain to understand the logistics behind the parking issues – link to then be sent to the schools for newsletters/websites etc
Requests to all staff members/volunteers at both schools to park within the school boundaries and not on the highways – this would only be a request as not enforceable but would then leave valuable parking free for those living in the areas and not cause issues at peak times (both schools have stated there is sufficient parking for all staff within their grounds)
Liaison with Greensquare regarding options for stopping parking on the grass verges
High Viz presence on select days along the Peak, Reids Piece to ask why parents are not using the safer parking routes and issue those who may not know where to park safely the maps and associated information – Led by Parish Council with support from all the above bodies when available
Requests for regular enforcement agencies to visit the sites at peak times and ticket those illegally parked
Police to, when resources are available, monitor the areas at core times and enforce parking tickets and give “friendly advice”
Both schools to work on their Travel Plans/Safer Routes to School as a matter of urgency to ensure they are in place before we start to apply for any funding options
Consider options of signage to state “no parking on grassed areas”, “parking for schools” etc – longer term option via the Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board grants
“Phone APP” options to be circulated to all parents/carers in newsletter for car sharing features – Parish Council to source information and share

It is appreciated that schools are due to disperse for the summer term, however the new intake and return will be addressed through social media, newsletters and direct school contact.
Alternative suggestions were made during this meeting which included a new road and parking, use of the land at Reids Piece owned by the Parish Council, closing The Peak and associated roads during school times and all these were considered unfeasible at this point in time and to try the above options first.
A review meeting will be arranged with the above parties once the actions are carried out and the feedback received.
The clear message from all parties was that if you live in the Village please walk your children to school wherever possible and if you have to park, please use the designated areas of safe parking.

Purton Parish Council
Chairman of Council

Ray  Thomas                                                                                   
Monday 16th July 2018


PURTON SCARECROW TRAIL:  Updated 8th October 2018

The 2018 Purton Scarecrow Trail was a great success. The scarecrow makers put lots of hard work and imagination into their creations. We had 60 scarecrow entries with hundreds of people touring the village following the trail, making a profit of over £700. This money will be added to our existing funds to cover maintenance costs for the two community access cardiac defibrillators. Once again, we ran a “mini” trail for younger children which was a real success and will plan to do again next time.
The Swindon Evening Advertiser covered the event with two articles and photographs.
We would like to say a big thank you to all those who supported us by offering prizes: Hiscocks Butchers, The Bell at Purton Stoke, David Lloyd Club (Swindon), Hair by Val, Purton House Organic Farm Shop, Toomers Garden Centre, Laser Quest & Kidzabout.
Congratulations to all those who entered the quiz. The prizes were awarded as follows:

Best Scarecrow makers:

Mrs Booy (King Midas)                        - The Maharaja - £20 Voucher           
Lindsey Hall (King Kong)                     - Voucher from Hairdressing by Val
Jenni Birchell (Prince of darkness)       - Purton House small Veg Box & box of eggs

Main scarecrow trail:

F. Griffith                  - The Bell at Purton Stoke - meal voucher
Chivers                     - David Lloyd - weekend family pass
E. Rushen                - Hiscocks Butchers - £10 voucher
Rachel Woods          - Toomers garden centre - rose plant

Children’s scarecrow trail: 

10+               Mia Airey                  - Laser Quest £25 gift certificate
6-10              Layla Rice                - TenPin bowling - 4 free games
5 and under  Grace Drummond    - Kidzabout 2 free entry vouchers

Judges Choice

The Togher family (Killer Queen)      - Cricklade Club £20 breakfast voucher

The scarecrow photographs along with the answers can be seen on the “Purton Scarecrow Trail” Facebook page
We are planning to hold the next Scarecrow Trail in 2020: keep an eye out for articles in this magazine well in advance.
The answers for the 2018 quiz are as follows:

Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses

1 - Queen Mary I (1st) (aka Bloody Mary),
2 - Princess and the pea
3 - King Edgar the peaceful
4 - Queen of the South
5 - “Killer Queen” by Queen
6 - Princess Poppy
7 - King Henry IV (4th)
8 - Princess Jasmine
9 - King Julian (Film: Madagascar)
10 - Old King Cole
11 - Burger King
12 - Dairy Queen
13 - Queen
14 - King George III (3rd)
15 - Queen of clubs
16 - Princess Zelda
17 - Billie Jean King
18 - King Louie
19 - King Arthur
20 - King George
21 - Witch Queen of New Orleans
22 - Queen Elsa
23 - Prince Charming
24 - Snow Queen
25 - Queen of Hearts
26 - Clive King
27 - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
28 - Prince Harry
29 - Dancing Queen
30 - All the King's horses
31- King Canute
32 - The Half Blood Prince
33 - Princess and the frog
34 - Prince
35 - King of Siam
36 - The Queen Bee
37 - King Edward I (1st)
38 -King Kong
39 - King Midas
40 - Princess Grace of Monaco
41 - Prince Andrew
42 - Nat King Cole
43 - Prince of Wales
44 - King Edward VIII (8th)
45 - Prince of Darkness (AKA Ozzy Osbourne)
46 - Princess Daisy
47 - King Prawn Biryani
48 - The African Queen
49 - King Henry VIII (8th)
50 - King of hearts
51 - Princess Fiona
52 - The Black Prince
53 - Aerial, princess of the sea
54 - Richard I (1st) the Lionheart
55 - King Alfred the Great
56 - The King of Rock and Roll (Elvis)
57 - Princess bride
58 - The Scorpion King
59 - The Lion King
60 - King of Clubs

The answers for the children’s trail were:

Evil Queen/Maleficent
Queen Elsa
King Louie
Beast/Prince Adam
Prince Charming
Snow White 
Queen of Hearts


WHAT IS A Defibrillator?

This piece of life-saving equipment (also known as an Automated External Defibrillator or AED) can be used if someone collapses due to a heart attack and needs their heart restarting. Defibrillators are now found in many locations as they are easy and safe to use and can really make a difference.
In such an emergency, current advice is to call 999, ask for an ambulance and also ask where your nearest defibrillator is located. The controller will tell you where to go to collect the defibrillator and give you the code to open the box where it is stored. At the same time, an ambulance will be despatched to ensure that Paramedics are on their way to help with the emergency. When you use the defibrillator, it talks you through exactly what to do and it only operates if the person who has collapsed needs their heart restarting.
Defibrillators are safe to use and you might well save someone's life.
In 2019 we hope to run a session in the village about how to use a defibrillator.
Look out for more information in the village magazine and on our Facebook page and more Information about defibrillators generally on

Referendum on the Purton Neighbourhood Plan  CLICK HERE 

A Referendum will be held on the following question: 
Do you want Wiltshire Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Purton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?



Purton and Green Gable Surgery

Newsletter no 47
September 2018
Cheese and Wine evening – raising funds for Brighter Futures at GWH
Friday 19 October, 7pm, Purton Village Hall

Tickets for our Cheese and Wine evening on Friday 19 October, 7pm in Purton Village Hall, are now available from Purton Surgery and from PPG Committee members. We will also have soft drinks available, first glass of wine/drink included in the ticket, more available to purchase. There will also be a raffle. All proceeds will go to Brighter Futures at GWH and Cat Newman from Brighter Futures will be talking about their work. Tickets are £8.50. Don’t forget to pick yours up.
A bit about Brighter Futures … Brighter Futures has been raising funds to provide Radiotherapy in Swindon so that patients no longer have to travel to Oxford for this treatment. At the moment around 700 patients a year make the 70 mile round-trip journey to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford for radiotherapy. Treatment usually lasts for a period of 4-7 weeks, made up of daily visits.
The Oxford University Hospitals is investing £18 million in order to bring this much needed facility to Swindon and Brighter Futures is fundraising £2.9 million which will contribute towards the purchase of important clinical equipment within the building. The new radiotherapy unit at the GWH site will be a satellite of the Oxford Cancer & Haematology Centre which is based at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford and specialist OUH staff will undertake the treatment of all those patients who attend the new facility in Swindon.
Around £2.5 million has already been raised out of the £2.9 million appeal to provide radiotherapy treatment in Swindon.
Table Top sale in waiting room – on Monday 5 November there will be a table in the waiting room in Purton Surgery selling numerous bric-a-brac items at a small cost or donation. We already have some items for this, including soft toys and would welcome any more. If you have items you would like to donate then please hand them to one of the receptionists.
Money raised will be used to help the surgery purchase a Dermatoscope which is a piece of equipment used for examining the appearance of the skin, ordinary skin as well as moles, to diagnose skin problems.
Although dermoscopy can be helpful in all forms of skin diagnosis, it is particularly helpful for the diagnosis of skin cancer. This will ensure patients are referred timely and appropriately to hospital, if required.
Receive PPG information by email
This Newsletter and other PPG information is sent to five local magazines for inclusion and also to Purton Parish Council and to Cricklade Town Council (see their websites and the Noticeboard in Cricklade Town Council Office window). In addition you can receive PPG information by email; simply email your request to: and you will be added to the group list. In accordance with our email protocol all emails are sent blind copy.
Sheila Fowler
Serving patients in Purton, Cricklade &
surrounding communities



October's edition of The Purton Magazine is now available to buy for 50p from The Parish Council Office.
The Office opening hours are 9am until 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am until 4pm Friday.


Click this link for the latest Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade Community area news.


St Mary’s CE Primary School is seeking to appoint a Co-opted School Governor.  The school is located in the heart of village of Purton where you will find our children ‘Learning Together’ in faith, love and friendship.   As governors we aim to ensure that all children, including those who are disadvantaged, feel valued and special and enjoy attending a school which has a strong Christian ethos.    At St Mary’s, a highly motivated and dedicated team ensure that all children aspire to achieve their full potential, both academically and socially.

Commitment: Twelve meetings per school academic year and additional time for dedicated committees, training, school visits and events.  Governors meetings are usually held in the evenings however training, school visits and some meetings will take place during the school day. 

Salary:  This role is voluntary.

Closing date:  Friday 19th October 2018

Interviews:  Week commencing: 5th November 2018

We are looking for someone who:

Is keen to support a school where there are high expectations for the outcome of pupils and a culture that enables both pupils and staff to excel;
Is committed to undergoing appropriate training in order to provide effective support and challenge to the school leadership team;
Recognises that the need for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the school’s work, underpinned by the school’s Christian values;
Is able to be flexible with their time, and fully committed to the role, in order to attend a range of Governor events;
Has vision to shape the future of the school with a clear strategy that considers the views of all key stakeholders and protects the longer term interests of St Mary’s and the community of Purton.

Ideally we would like applicants with some or all of the following skills:

Strategic Management 

Setting direction, decision making, risk management, working collaboratively with stakeholders.


Financial management and monitoring, adhering to standards, analysis of data. 


Monitoring of statutory and industry compliance.  
Health and Safety.   
Data Protection. 


Knowledge of the educational system, experience of working with young people or those with special needs. 
Experience of recruitment, staff and performance management, assessing and developing personal individual and team effectiveness. 

We will offer you:

The chance to work with a team of governors, who are highly dedicated, welcoming and receptive to new ideas;

The opportunity to support the school Leadership team in shaping the lives of the young people in our community

Please apply in writing, stating your relevant skills and interest in the position (no more than 1 side of A4) to the Clerk to the Governors at  

Further information on being a school Governor can also be found at

St Mary’s CE Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All applicants will be subject to a full Disclosure and Barring Service check before appointment is confirmed



PARISH NEWSLETTER 10th September 2018.    Updated 12th September 2018

The latest edition of the Parish Newsletter is now available. You can find it at:



The Council were successful in securing a grant of 50% towards the installation of CCTV at the Village Centre on Church Street (2017/18).
Due to anti social behaviour, damage and noise the only course of action open was to install CCTV to aid the efforts of the police, council and residents in keeping this area for the use it was intended; a safe open space for all the community.  
Thank you to the RWB&C Area Board for supporting this initiative.



Warm & Safe Wiltshire – Parish Newsletters Swindon

Warming up Wiltshire!

Living in a cold home can be bad for your health.  Consistently low temperatures in your home may exacerbate existing health issues (particularly respiratory and cardiovascular conditions) and make it harder for you to recover from illnesses.  It can cause you and your family to feel miserable at home, affecting concentration, dexterity and mental health. 

Do you struggle to keep your home warm or worry how you will afford your energy bills this winter?

Contact Warm & Safe Wiltshire for free, impartial advice about keeping your home warm, using your heating system, understanding your energy bills and making energy saving improvements as well as registering for the Priority Services Register.  Advice can be given through home visits as well as over the phone.  Fire safety alarm and appliance checks can also be organised in partnership with Fire and Rescue for eligible residents. 

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from speaking to a trained energy advisor, then get in touch.

Call 0800 038 5722

Warm and Safe Wiltshire is a service provided by Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service.





Purton Parish Council and St Marys Church were awarded a "Care of Churches Award 2018" for joint working and engagement on a tree project within the Churchyard from the Diocese of Bristol. 



KERBSIDE RECYCLING   Updated 20th June 2018

From the 30 July 2018 the materials that people can recycle at home from the kerbside is changing. In addition to cardboard and plastic bottles, people will be able to recycle food and drink cartons, plastic pots, tubs and trays in their blue lidded bin.



This information about Ridgeway Mill is available on a leaflet from Purton Historical Society for £1.00.



The Trustees of Purton Institute and Village Hall, Purton War Memorial and Village Centre and Play Close Charities, have agreed to review all their services to ensure the longevity and continuing sustainability of the three charities.
This will involve a12-18 month project which will include a review of usage including hire figures, prices and services; review of service providers and costings; staffing; lease agreements and tenancies this is to ensure that the charity is not reliant on grant donations from the Parish Council and becomes, in the main part, self-sufficient.
Currently the Parish Council donates funds to the Charities each year to ensure their continued existence, however, as more and more services are levied on the Council from Central Government budget cuts, their funding strategy and fiscal policies will also need to be re-assessed to ensure they are providing the necessary services and best value they can to all residents.
In the coming months questionnaires and polls will be generated through as many media outlets as possible with a  view to gaining insight into why our facilities are not utilised and what the view of residents are. This may mean perhaps a public meeting where parishioners can air their views and promote new ideas.
Please be assured that the charities are not in any way financially destitute however at the point of writing, this is only maintained by support through donations from the Parish Council, not through usage of the facilities themselves, the published accounts whilst accurate, are not a true reflection as they include Parish Council Grants, a more definitive answer is shown in the management accounts.
As any person, organisation or corporate body will appreciate, donations cannot form the best part of a viable substantive service as eventually this will cease.  We have to source, change and realise other ways in which to promote, use and maintain these wonderful facilities.
This action has been taken in advance of critical problems to streamline the charities, ensure their long term future and offer the best facilities to the Parish whilst being financially self-sufficient. The decline needs to be addressed now before the situation deteriorates further which is why this has been highlighted and this process started.
Regular updates will be given wherever possible.

Chairman of Charities

Ray Thomas


CELEBRATION TIME   Updated 10th April 2018

Residents of Purton were celebrating the installation of a new Kissing Gate on Vasterne Hill.
The replacement of a stile with the Kissing gate will make Footpath 49 accessible for all.
Thank you to Steve & Nikki Webb for sponsoring the Kissing Gate in memory of Cally and to our Footpath Team for the Installation.



CLICK HERE for the latest changes to Bus Service 53 linking Lydiard Millicent, Purton & Cricklade with Swindon from 10th April 2018.



Purton Parish Council are pleased to announce that they have secured the purchase of land known as “Long Ground”,  Church End, Purton for potential burial purposes.   The land will be asseseed in the coming months to ascertain its suitabiliyt for future burials.
The Land, regardless of use, will be an asset to the village with secured open space for years to come.
Any questions or queries do not hesitate to speak to the Clerk on 01793 771066 or email


Area Board Grant    Updated 21st February 2018

Section 106
Safe access and safety gate for youth shelter, Village Centre, Purton
Purton Parish Council successfully secured funding from the Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board, and Section 106 for the above project.
Purton Parish Council is delighted that the youth shelter at the Village Centre recreation ground now has a safe access and safety gate forming a barrier to prevent children and young people running, cycling and scooting straight into the path of passing vehicles entering and leaving the Centre.
Grateful thanks to the Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Board team, Section 106 co-ordinators, and all working on the project.


Director of Public Health - Annual Report 2016/17   Updated 5th January 2018

The Director of Public Health is required to produce an annual report on the health of the local population in Wiltshire. 
This year's report for the period 2016/17 takes a whole life-course approach with the theme of living longer healthier lives.
A copy is available from our public health intelligence web page here.

Wiltshire Child Poverty Summit
The Wiltshire Child Poverty Summit endorsed by Wiltshire’s Safeguarding Children’s Board took place on Tuesday 21 November 2017. Devizes School kindly offered to host the event and young people from the school were involved in planning and presenting at the summit.

The objectives were to:
Update on progress of implementing Wiltshire’s Child Poverty Strategy 2014-2020, particularly in relation to the dissemination of Community Area Child Poverty Profiles and the impact of this
Sustain momentum on efforts to address Child Poverty across Wiltshire
Share learning from local transferable projects across the county
Ensure the best data and latest evidence is effectively shared to inform practice
Wiltshire’s Reducing Child Poverty Strategy 2014-2020 aims to reduce and mitigate the effects of child poverty locally. The latest available data (2014) highlights that 11.8% of children in Wiltshire live in households with an income less than 60% of the national median income. This data identifies a gradual increase since 2006 and a 1.2% increase from the previous year (2013). Research suggests children who grow up in poverty face a greater risk of having poor health, being exposed to crime and failing to reach their full potential, consequently creating a cycle of poverty.
The summit was opened by young people from Devizes School and an overview of the programme was given by the Chair, Councillor Pauline Church. Sarah Heathcote and Suzanne Wigmore (Wiltshire Citizens Advice) gave presentations on the strategy and the impact of debt, benefit reform and support for families in Wiltshire, respectively.
We were fortunate to have Dr Ceri Brown from the University of Bath as the Keynote speaker. Dr Brown gave a very informative talk on ‘The Educational Binds of Poverty’ based on her research. Her talk highlighted how these ‘binds’ are among the many challenges children in low income families face. She stressed how policies must consider that children and their families, living in poverty do not lack the aspiration to achieve in school. A multi-dimensional approach is required, where schools and local authorities develop evidence-based and individualised interventions to foster children’s social, emotional well-being and the inclusion of parents into the school community.
After speaker presentations delegates attended workshops to discuss local practice and share ideas and learning in addressing Child Poverty in Wiltshire.
The summit proved very popular with over one hundred people attending, representing key sectors and localities.  Delegates included young people, councillors, health visitors and university lecturers, representatives from voluntary and community sectors, housing providers, schools and colleges. The level of engagement was really encouraging and there has already been feedback in relation to pledges made and connections forged to progress work on this important agenda.  It was particularly timely being held the day before the Chancellor’s autumn budget announcement and the week before two key reports on social mobility and on levels of poverty from the Social Mobility Commission and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, both of which highlighted rising levels of income inequality and its impact. For further information please contact Sarah Heathcote at 
Special thanks to Sandra Jones and Karen Taylor for their support with staging this event.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Quit
The Public Health England Stop Smoking campaign is offering smokers another opportunity to quit this January with the support of online and digital resources. The campaign focuses on the toxic effect of smoking on the body. Resources to promote this campaign can be ordered at PHE Resources. Smokers can visit for further information and for local support Stop Smoking Wiltshire. Please support this campaign by making this information available within your organisation.

Domestic Abuse Event
On 6 December, Wiltshire hosted a partnership event to support this year’s ‘16 days of action campaign’ to raise awareness and understanding of domestic abuse and its wider forms. It was supported by the chairs of the Community Safety Partnership, Safeguarding Children’s Board and Safeguarding Adult’s Board. The focus this year was on stalking and harassment. Nick Gazzard from the Hollie Gazzard Trust provided the headline presentation, speaking at County Hall to over 50 people about the devastating and significant effects domestic abuse and stalking has on victims and their families. The trust was established following the murder of 20-year-old Hollie in 2014 by an ex-partner. Nick talked about how the trust helps to raise awareness of domestic abuse, through the delivery of the awareness programmes and has launched Hollie Guard, an app that turns your phone into a personal safety device. The session was highly emotive and thought provoking for all in attendance. If you, a family member or friend needs to access help and support please call 01225 775276 or contact

Electric blanket testing
Free electric blanket testing sessions were held at County Hall, Trowbridge and the Nadder Centre, Tisbury on Monday 13 November 2017 and City Hall, Salisbury on Tuesday 14 November 2017. Testing was arranged by Chris Wells, Wiltshire Trading Standards and carried out by Clive Macdonald of GEMS (SW) Ltd of Plymouth.
Eight blankets were tested at Trowbridge with one failure due to age concerns.
Nine blankets were tested at Tisbury with four failures due to age concerns.
19 blankets were tested at Salisbury with two failures – one due to age concerns and one where the element within the blanket was damaged.
GEMS general advice is that a blanket more than 10 years old does not have the safety features of more modern blankets and could pose a risk.
This was a 19% failure rate – lower than previous years and possibly because those failures resulted in new blankets being purchased.

Public Health in the news
NHS in England told to reveal avoidable deaths data – 14 December
Is England a healthy nation? – 13 December
Opt-out organ donation plan for England – 12 December
Council hold summit on child poverty – 1 December

Public Health Intelligence news
The Wiltshire Intelligence Network (WIN) provides numerous reports full of local information on a wide range of topics.
You can now follow us @PHWiltshire on Twitter

Get in touch
If you have any queries or would like to make a suggestion, please visit:,     
email or call 0300 003 4566.


The consultation for the 2018/19 Policing Precept has been launched, The details are set out below or you can access a video of me outlining the proposals at

The policing precept consultation which launches today (2/1/2018) is looking for the views of Wiltshire residents on the proposed increase of £12 a year.
Currently the average band D household contributes £14.19 per month to local policing, but if residents back the proposal then this would rise to £15.19 per month.
As a Force, Wiltshire Police has seen the second highest increase in demand across the country in the last year yet the funding we receive from central government doesn’t recognise the increasing pressures our service is under.
In fact we receive the fourth lowest funding per head of population in England and Wales.
Since 2010, Wiltshire Police has received £19 million less but have been responding to more crimes and supporting more members of the public year on year.
Whilst we live in an incredibly safe county, there’s only so far the budget will stretch and we’re streamlining our services to ensure they’re as efficient as possible at the same time as keeping the public safe, but we are feeling the squeeze more than ever. Without this increase Wiltshire Police will have to look at further reductions in officers and staff to close a budget gap of around £3m.
That’s why I am asking whether residents in Wiltshire and Swindon would be prepared to pay an extra £1 a month to help bridge this gap.
This increase will mean that I can protect frontline services from further reductions and maintain the current level of service.
The consultation which runs from 2nd January 2018 to midday 31st January 2018 wants to hear your views on the proposed increase.
For more information on how to share your views please visit, you can also email or use #AskAngusPCC on social media.
With best wishes for 2018,
Angus Macpherson MBE
Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon



Victim Support      Updated 14th August 2017

Victim Support is an independent charity offering free, confidential support to people of all ages affected by crime.
Our service is free and confidential and is delivered by our highly trained team including specialist caseworkers. We have built up good working relationships with a huge network of partner organisations to ensure we can also access any help that may be required outside our own expertise. 
If appropriate we can work with the parents, carers, teachers, support workers and interpreters to ensure support is available to everyone regardless of any perceived disadvantages or personal difficulties. 
Click Here for an Agency Refferal Form.



Come and see the newly installed information board at The Dingle in Purton.
The Dingle is a public open space area accessed along the track to Purton Cricket Club at Church End.
This new board provides visitor information including some history of the area and a map.
The Dingle is rich in wildlife, flora and fauna,
This project was made possible by Community Grant Funding from the Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade Area Board. 

Purton Institute and Village Hall Charity have joined forces with “Give as you Live” which allows donations to be generated via online shopping. Free to join, thousands of retailers and easy to set up  Take a look and find out more and support your local charity. 


The Lydiard Link and Purton Age Concern are seeking volunteer drivers.
Click Here for more information.

BRADIES CONNECT  Updated 16th March 2017

Your bookable shared taxi service. For more information CLICK HERE.


CLICK HERE to see the briefing note.

AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER 2016 – if you wish to report a power cut you can ring 105 which will take you direct to the relevant supplier for an update and to report.

Wiltshire CIL is an organisation which offers support and guidance to those in receipt of a Direct Payment (those needing support/care in their own home who receive money from Wiltshire Council Social Services to employ their own staff). Part of our service is to provide an online facility for employers to find their staff (known as Personal Assistants or PAs). The facility is called a PA Register.
We have recently launched a brand new PA Register website and would like to reach out to both PAs and employers so that they can register themselves with the hope of finding a suitable employer/employee match if necessary.
Those needing support in their own homes who live in rural communities can often find recruitment a challenge. Therefore, we were hoping that you would place the attached poster on your Parish Council display board within your local community to publicise this free online facility.If you have any questions or queries regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone – 0300 1233 442 or by email . Click Here for more information.

Revised opening times for the Household Recycling Centre are 10am until 4pm Thursday through to Monday. Closed all day Tuesday and

The above will come into force on 13th July 2015. For more information about Household Recycling Click Here to see Wiltshire Council's Link to Household Recycling Centres

Livestock electrical tape – owners of livestock sometimes place white electrical tape along the boundary of their property to ensure animals don’t get out. Please note that this electrical tape can be dangerous to people with heart pacemakers if they get too close to the tape when out walking. If such tape is found on public footpaths, or anywhere else where it could cause a danger please report the exact location to the Parish Council.

If your Black Box needs replacing or if the lid has been damaged please call 0845 6032085 for a replacement. Delivery time for a new Black Box to be delivered is up to 2 weeks.

The Parish Council makes small grant awards twice a year to support local clubs and organisations which provide services that help residents in the Parish of Purton. Applications are considered twice yearly, February and June. If you are involved with a group that could do more for local people with the help of an award from The Parish Council , please contact The Parish Clerk for an application form or CLICK HERE to download a form.  

With the advent of autumn we will inevitably see wetter weather and a greater risk of flooding. Wiltshire Council is reassuring residents it is doing all it can to be ready for any adverse weather. The Council has doubled from three to six, the number of gully tankers emptying road gullies, empting all the gullies on the A roads at least once by the end of December, and all the B.C and unclassified gullies being emptied by the end of March 2015. Wiltshire Council will continue to empty road gullies following heavy down pours when gullies get blocked by soil and detritus washed into the systems from adjacent fields. The Council understands the damage and distress caused by flooding and works with the local communities through the Operational Working Groups on improving drainage and on flood alleviation schemes. Whilst the Council does do all it can to alleviate flooding we do encourage residents to look at their properties with a view to considering large volumes of water impacts. This would include ensuring private gullies are clear and empty, that water flow systems are not obstructed and being prepared for flood prevention, such as having sandbags ready. If residents thinks a gully is blocked superficially, with leaves or grass, they can with care on highway, clear it themsleves. If a blockage is not easy to clear it can be reported to Wiltshire Council by telephone on 0300 456 0105 or on line at or using MyWilts app on a smart phone, where you will receive updates.

The CSW or Community Speed Watch began monitoring traffic along The Fox. More and more traffic now use The Fox as a through route from Purton into Swindon, and with this has come a noticeable increase in speed. The role of the CSW is to monitor traffic and report any speeding vehicles to the police who will then take appropriate action. On average there were over 118 vehicles per hour, of these 5.5% were travelling at a speed in excess of 36mph with the fastest travelling over 45mph. Over 13% were travelling between 31mph and 35mph. This means that nearly 1 vehicle in 5 was technically speeding. The role of the CSW is not to be vigilante but by our presence slow traffic down.  If you would like to volunteer please telephone 01793 772646 or email

Cyber bullying is one of those modern day risks affecting young people - a kind of electronic bullying. This website provides some support and guidance to help parents and families deal with this type of bullying. Click Here to see website.

There are vacancies at Upper Pavenhill Allotments. For further information please contact  Robert Glare 07510 208217  or Geoff Simpkins 01793 772008.

Have you tried using the Community Phone Box that stands outside Purton Library? In the last six months over 180 calls were made from it (an average of one per day), and it was used 500 times for the internet. The phone box can be used to make free local phone calls, and to view information on the screen about the community with details of events going on or useful information. You can access the internet within 100 metres of the phone box and this will be listed on your device as Purton WIFI. One phone call per day? Come on, I’m sure the community can make more use than this of the facility.

Prescription drug abuse causes the largest percentage of deaths from drug overdosing (over 22,000 a year). Part of the mission of DrugDangers is to spread awareness about drug abuse of prescription drugs. Their website offers free information of a range of drugs and medical products that can cause serious addiction, injury, or even death. Click here to see website.

If you experience any unpleasant odour that you do not recognise and you think that it may be coming from Hills Waste Solutions along Mopes Lane, please contact Hills on 01793 714450 immediately, so that they can investigate and rectify the problem.

Please see the following guides to follow if you find yourself, friend or neighbour in an emergency situation.  Community Emergency, Householders Emergency, and Emergency Guide.


If you witness any inconsiderate parking on double yellow lines and overstaying in time restriction parking bays on a regular basis, you can report these to the Parking Enforcment Officer. The Enforcement Officer welcomesas much information as possible with photos and timings of parking.  The main areas that are enforced is Pavenhill shops layby, double yellow line at the One Stop and Best One and College Road layby.  The Officers can be contacted on 01249 706131 or email


   For more information about the trust click here.

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Help the Police to help our community -

To contact the Police on non emergency matters call 101, for emergencies call 999

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