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PURTON SCARECROW TRAIL:  Updated 8th October 2018


The 2018 Purton Scarecrow Trail was a great success. The scarecrow makers put lots of hard work and imagination into their creations. We had 60 scarecrow entries with hundreds of people touring the 
village following the trail, making a profit of over £700. This money will be added to our existing funds to cover maintenance costs for the two community access cardiac defibrillators. Once again, we ran a “mini” trail for younger children which was a real success and will plan to do again next time.

The Swindon Evening Advertiser covered the event with two articles and photographs.
We would like to say a big thank you to all those who supported us by offering prizes: Hiscocks Butchers, The Bell at Purton Stoke, David Lloyd Club (Swindon), Hair by Val, Purton House Organic Farm Shop, Toomers Garden Centre, Laser Quest & Kidzabout.
Congratulations to all those who entered the quiz. The prizes were awarded as follows:
Best Scarecrow makers:
Mrs Booy (King Midas)                        - The Maharaja - £20 Voucher           
Lindsey Hall (King Kong)                     - Voucher from Hairdressing by Val
Jenni Birchell (Prince of darkness)       - Purton House small Veg Box & box of eggs
Main scarecrow trail:
F. Griffith                  - The Bell at Purton Stoke - meal voucher
Chivers                     - David Lloyd - weekend family pass
E. Rushen                - Hiscocks Butchers - £10 voucher
Rachel Woods          - Toomers garden centre - rose plant
Children’s scarecrow trail: 
10+               Mia Airey                  - Laser Quest £25 gift certificate
6-10              Layla Rice                - TenPin bowling - 4 free games
5 and under  Grace Drummond    - Kidzabout 2 free entry vouchers
Judges Choice
The Togher family (Killer Queen)      - Cricklade Club £20 breakfast voucher
The scarecrow photographs along with the answers can be seen on the “Purton Scarecrow Trail” Facebook page  www.facebook.com/PurtonScarecrowTrail/
We are planning to hold the next Scarecrow Trail in 2020: keep an eye out for articles in this magazine well in advance.
The answers for the 2018 quiz are as follows:
Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses
1 - Queen Mary I (1st) (aka Bloody Mary),
2 - Princess and the pea
3 - King Edgar the peaceful
4 - Queen of the South
5 - “Killer Queen” by Queen
6 - Princess Poppy
7 - King Henry IV (4th)
8 - Princess Jasmine
9 - King Julian (Film: Madagascar)
10 - Old King Cole
11 - Burger King
12 - Dairy Queen
13 - Queen
14 - King George III (3rd)
15 - Queen of clubs
16 - Princess Zelda
17 - Billie Jean King
18 - King Louie
19 - King Arthur
20 - King George
21 - Witch Queen of New Orleans
22 - Queen Elsa
23 - Prince Charming
24 - Snow Queen
25 - Queen of Hearts
26 - Clive King
27 - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
28 - Prince Harry
29 - Dancing Queen
30 - All the King's horses
31- King Canute
32 - The Half Blood Prince
33 - Princess and the frog
34 - Prince
35 - King of Siam
36 - The Queen Bee
37 - King Edward I (1st)
38 -King Kong
39 - King Midas
40 - Princess Grace of Monaco
41 - Prince Andrew
42 - Nat King Cole
43 - Prince of Wales
44 - King Edward VIII (8th)
45 - Prince of Darkness (AKA Ozzy Osbourne)
46 - Princess Daisy
47 - King Prawn Biryani
48 - The African Queen
49 - King Henry VIII (8th)
50 - King of hearts
51 - Princess Fiona
52 - The Black Prince
53 - Aerial, princess of the sea
54 - Richard I (1st) the Lionheart
55 - King Alfred the Great
56 - The King of Rock and Roll (Elvis)
57 - Princess bride
58 - The Scorpion King
59 - The Lion King
60 - King of Clubs
The answers for the children’s trail were:
Evil Queen/Maleficent
Queen Elsa
King Louie
Beast/Prince Adam
Prince Charming
Snow White 
Queen of Hearts
WHAT IS A Defibrillator?
This piece of life-saving equipment (also known as an Automated External Defibrillator or AED) can be used if someone collapses due to a heart attack and needs their heart restarting. Defibrillators are now found in many locations as they are easy and safe to use and can really make a difference.
In such an emergency, current advice is to call 999, ask for an ambulance and also ask where your nearest defibrillator is located. The controller will tell you where to go to collect the defibrillator and give you the code to open the box where it is stored. At the same time, an ambulance will be despatched to ensure that Paramedics are on their way to help with the emergency. When you use the defibrillator, it talks you through exactly what to do and it only operates if the person who has collapsed needs their heart restarting.
Defibrillators are safe to use and you might well save someone's life.
In 2019 we hope to run a session in the village about how to use a defibrillator.
Look out for more information in the village magazine and on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/PurtonScarecrowTrail and more Information about defibrillators generally on www.communityheartbeat.org.uk